Keep you VIP's safe

This app tracks your VIP and the team assigned to your VIP.

You create your team on the provost app or on the provost web app.

You create your team on the provost app or on the provost web app.
Then your can assign the iPhone apps to your team, using a QR code or app link, making the sign-on safe and easy


The provost is the central manager of Loupe

Provost maintains the subscriptions, teams. VIP's, agenst and targets

The provost app have the overview of all the teams and members of teams.


All active members are assigned a team.

The team holds the rules and are the active entity on the map


The members of a team is the VIP and the agents of a team.

Team members are dynamic. members can be assigned any team at any time, but only one team at any time


If the team need to follow a person that don't have the Loupe Public app installed.
this person is called the target and are followed by report from agents


The provost can set-up geofences, zones on maps, giving the team and the provost and alert if any of this geofences are left by the members or zones are entered by a member


you can only sign-up the subscriptionin the Provost app


Free standard subscription, where you can try out the system givin you and idea if this is something that you can use
You will find that update and notification are not as frequent as It is in the paid subscriptions

  • 2 members
  • 1 team
  • 50m min update


With this level, you can have a small operation up and running With a couple of small teams, that you can setup

  • 8 members
  • 2 team
  • 10m min update


With a bigger operation you need more teams and more members

  • 20 members
  • 5 team
  • 5m min update


This is the biggest subscription model, where you have a nice pool of members and teams.
If you need more thatn this, you need to contact Friis Mobility Aps, for a custom installation of the backend

  • 100 members
  • 100 team
  • 5m min update