My Chord book

My Chord book is an iPad app, it have been in the App store somce 2011, it have just been refactured and updated to match the real need of a experience mucican.
Now you can quickly put down, the chords to a song, see them directly, share with your band, friends. even if they don't have the app, you can print or share as PDF

This new and redesigned version will, if egough of you, download and upgrade to the pro version, maintained with new and cool feetures

  • Easy annotation chords on you song
  • Share you songs with others
  • Print song

My Chord book is created with Guitar in mind, to make it easier to have all the songs with you. I know that you can find all other kinds of advanced app with tablature. 
This app is target to musican that knows how to play and just want to have all the songs with you at all time.

if you have any idear for new features, or if you find a bug, plese drop an e-mail to My Chord Book - contact

Beta test - now

Last chance for .

If you want to be a part of the new version, maybe get your ideas, your requirements on the next version, download the beta test version using TestFlight (official Apple beta test tool) and share your feedback with us.

Get your TestFlight invitation here