Running Girl IX

Welcome to the new running girl

Running Girl IX version 9.0 is now released on the app store The new version, is still missing some functionality, but within the next cupple of month, the new version will be on top of the old one, with functionality, and the quality will be as you would expec on you iPhone. You can find the app on the AppStore Thanks for visiting this site, you might be here because your using the Running Girl app, if not, please download it For technical reasons, we can't continue the current version on App Store, but a brand new version is in AppStore, ready for download, with improvements. For all you, that have paid for extensions, the first year of using Running Girl will all the functions, will be free

Running with your favourite music

When you start Running Girl, is it already ready. the next trip in your program is selected and ready. just tap the “run” button and your off. Create your playlist with your current music, or Apple Music, then select the playlists for walking, jogging, running, fast running and sprinting

Total distance

Running Girl collects your route, when not running you can see the total distance of all the running you have covered with Running Girl.

Choose your own running days

Select the week days you want to run, and the app will keep track on your week and program length. automatically selecting the next trip when you finish

Costomize your traning

Enabling the Custom Program, you can create your own training program, with your own way of running. matching your next running goals.

Gets update without thinking about it

The app will update the app data without you nee to do anything, the app is always fresh, are you!

Become a tester of the next release

The next release of RUnning Girl is scheduled to fall 2017, but the testing start in summer 2017. The testing of the app, does not require much, just that you use the app, and if you have some issues or idears, you can send feecback to us, then we can fix errors and implement good idears


Apple have an app called Test Flight, that works a little linke the app store. Here you can get test versions of app, if you have been invited by the Developer, and you will get all the updates on that app. If there is any purchasing of the app or in the app, none in Running Girls case, the purchase, will look authentic, except for a notification, that your using a Sandbox app store, and therefor, no money is drawing from any account.

Come back later and see if there is a new link

About the Running Girl app

Running is the first first app from Friis Consult aps, acturally, the company started it, was call Friis Data, but for many reasons, the company have changed names. We also have a technical glich, with the app store, when transferring the app, to the new company, that means, all you faitfull user ( more thatn 70.000 downloads) won't be able to update your current version. I implore you to download the new version, and we will make sure, that you will get frequent updates Some of the new functions is. Complete count of all the running distance Create your own running programs, this is an in-app purchase, but it will be free for the rest of 2019