Your travelling companion!

With Zafari app, you can plan your trip, share your sightings with other, so everyone can
have the chance to see the Lion up close.

  • Plan your journey
  • Follow your itinerary
  • Share you sightings
  • See sightings that other have share near you

Why Zafari

The short history of the name, is that we ware on Safari in Kruger National Park, and we would have love to have a interactive map of the sigthings around the park, givin us a better chance to see the animals an places that we liked to experience.

The name Safari was already branded on the internet, and international code for South Africa is ZA, so the name was bourned 

As the app have developed, it is not only target Safari trips, but all kind of trips, as I remembered a trip to Boston, not knowing what was interesting in Boston at that time. There it would have been great to have an app, helping us to experience the local market or other interesting things that other travelers was experiencing at that time. 


Zafari app is your tool to plan and have the journies of your life

Plan your Journey

The Journey planner, helps you make the rough sketch of you travelplans. From the road trip across the US to a small Safari trip in Kruger National Park

Plan your trips

When you have planned the places to visit on your journey, you can start planning how to get there. by plane, train, car, boat, bike or what ever transportation you like


Togeather with the trip planning, you plan the places to to stay.

You can select a variety accommodation types, from tent to hotels, it's all up to you


So what to do when you arrive at a destination, do you need a plan, or do you just need a "option list" which ever you want you can have it here

Share you experiences

Unlike facebook, this is to mark the spot of a current sighting, it can bee and lion, a bear or a stream with a lot of salmon. 

Well it don't have to be animals, it can be a beautiful landscape, something stationary or momentary

See where to go

When other share there experiences, you will get an notification for the once near you. Then you can go there and maby get your version of the experience