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Terms of use

Here you can read the detailed tems of using Friis Consult ApS, Friis Mobility ApS and NaviBlind ApS, web app, mobile app, and API

Web and Mobile App's, from here on, all covered by the term App, are to be access as public user, you can in some cases registre on the app, In thouse cases, there might be an extented Terms of Usage, in the app, but otherwise this is common for all

Your own responsibility

As you choose to use the app, you are the sole responsible any damage, lost or other mishaps, caused when using the app.

The Companie can not be held responsible for any misusage of the app

It is always your responsiblility to use you common sense, as the app is a support tool, not a replacement of your brain


There are multible api's within theese companies, the common feature for all is that they are private api's and are not open for anyone to use, without specific authorization directly from the CTO, Currently Per Friis.

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