Privacy policy

The privacy policy for Per Friis Consult ApS is quite simple?

We have all intentions in not holding private and sensitive data.

The data that we hold is primary stored on your device, on our server farm or a cloud provider, currently only Microsoft and Apple are whitelisted.

Freelancer app

If you are using the freelancer app, your data will be saved on our local server, as we need to have your contact information and your skills listes for us to able to serve the right job for you.

this app holds the following data

  • name
  • email
  • cell
  • Skill list
  • next available date

Theese data is essential for the service we provide to you, without thouse data, we can't serve you with new oppertunities

All our apps

  • BS Bingo
  • Running Girl

We do collect some app statistics, and crash logs, but all that that we collect for statistics and none of theese data contain any information that can be linked to any user