Per Friis Consult ApS

IT Consultant, IT Architect, Scrum master and Mobile App Consultant

Getting to know Friis Consult ApS

Per Friis Consult is a small company

Serving as a freelance consultant for project, contracts or interim assignments

Friis Mobility ApS

Is a team of freelance consultants with different profiles, that have worked together in different constellations, and know each other.
This have the advantage, that we can deliver a whole team or fill up the missing positions on your team.....


Mission: Make the best apps, that changes the world, to the better

Vision:Having the user in the center


This is what we can deliver

Freelance Consulting

With my many years in IT, I have stayed updated on leading edge of technology.
The past several years I have worked as an IT/Enterprise Architect, Project Manager, scrum master and general IT consultant, mainly in the largest Danish companies (Maersk, Novo Nordisk, Danfoss and DONG Energy), while I understand to develop my skills in the new technologies. I have worked with wide ranging from enterprise architecture, development and operation.
As Chief Consultant at Maersk Data / IBM, IT Architect at NNIT and DONG Energy, I have extensive experience in both enterprise architecture and solution architecture.

Consultant & Architect

Consultant, IT Architect, System Designer, Project Manager, Scrum master, Project Owner, with a wide background both technically and commercially. I have worked with system design since 1988 and IT architecture and IT operations, since 1998 at small and large Danish companies, and public sectors. I have specialized in enterprise architecture and system design, and related infrastructure. As IT architect, I have a user driven approach to the design, both of the system/ back end and the front-end, as the system must reflect the usage and services, that are handled on the front-end. Integration is often one of the key drivers, in a good IT architecture, I have extended inside in integrations architecture.


I have a deep knowledge in the iOS capability and opportunities within the SDK, enabling me to get the extra innovative edge when architecting and designing new applications for the mobile devices
I have the pleasure to be asked to teach iOS on different levels, from customized company course, via open night school and at DTU (Danish Technical University)
I am very extrovert, with a keen understanding of the input that comes to be translated to an IT architecture or system design.
Functionality and operations is in the center of business, the rest is "just" tools to make the business work.

Scrum Master & Product Owner

Scrum master, product owner: I have a lot of experience as a project manager, in 2009, I began to function as scrum master, and work my way in to the scrum mindset, in 2015 I got my certification as a scrum master and are expecting the product owner certification in late 2017, I have had a lot of assignment as scrum master, in small and large teams, local and worldwide teams. I have helped a lot of projects getting into the scrum thinking, and failed once or twice, giving me the experience, what to watch for.
I have worked with other agile frameworks, like Kanban and Microsoft agile methods dating back to the early 00'

IT Architect / Business Consultant

As a Business Consultant / IT Architect I cover a large palette of Business Analysis, System Design, Implementation, Infrastructure, Integration, Operations and Support are all areas where I have a lot of experience.
Business Knowledge including regulated business such as
Aviation - scheduling of planned technical maintenance Transportation and logistics Pharmaceutical industry - regulated business Gas , Electricity production and distribution Trading Banking Detail chain Streaming (audio and video) Insurance and Pension

Complete App solutions

I you have and app you want developed with backend and the whole thing, we have the capability to create it for you.
we have created apps for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, Danish Standards and Larsen & Brusgaard

We can handle the whole project from design, UX, Architecture, development and deployment or we can hook in where you need assistance.
App Design UX Design Solution Architecture Infrastructur architecture back end developmenmt iOS App development Android development


App the we have created

Good Speed

Good Speed / Carrotas
Gamification, keeping your speed down

Running Girl

Running Girl
Make running enjoyable with music to keep the speed

BS Bingo

This is a Concept app, showing a .Net core backend/ API, with security and an Mobile app that communicates with the API


An VIP tracking app using GPS Gate server

Dit Plus

Dit Plus
Keep all your loyalty cards in one place and always with you

Zafari App

Zafari App
Get the best experience when you self-drive safari in ZA's national parks

App that we have worked on

DR Tv app

DR TV app
Live and ondemand video

Lån & Spar

Lån & Spar (Mobil Banking app)
Whitelabel Banking App, Lån & Spar is one of the more than 100 banks using this app

You See - streaming

You See streaming
Streaming music


E Boks
The official Danish app to receive encrypted mail, used by the public and private sector

the portfolio continues with more that 20 apps in the appstore & google play

What does an app cost

These prices are only indications

It is of course impossible to have a fixed pricelist on a development project,
however based on our experience, we can give some indications of the price on a project based on the major components

Simpel app

The simple app, have 2-4 screens, the app shows information directly on the screen.
The information is fetched from a API or a web server, there can a ticker like location or iBeacons, check out our DS Visit app, as a sample.

  • iOS App
  • .Net Core API, hostet on Azure
  • Microsoft SQL server, hostet on Azure
  • Auth0 API token, to secure communication

Interactive App

The interactive app, makes the content more individual, using some kind of identification of the user.
The app will have some offline functionality, the content can be pushed to the individual users.

  • iOS App
  • .Net Core API, hostet on Azure
  • Microsoft SQL server, hostet on Azure
  • Auth0 API token and User login
  • Offline capability

Complex App

The complex app can do just about anything, use imagination and innovation to develop your idea, then we can find an estimated price for you.

  • iOS App
  • .Net Core API, hostet on Azure
  • Microsoft SQL server, hostet on Azure
  • Auth0 API token and User login
  • Offline capability
  • Using the Phones capabilities
  • well just about all you can think of

Android App

Adding and Android app to the project, will add approximated 25% to the total cost, regardless of
the technology used to develop the app.


Contact us and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.

Rødovre, Denmark

+45 6045 8981

Privacy policy

This privacy policy covers all the apps from Friis Data, Friis Consult ApS, Friis Mobility, the policy will have separate sections for specific apps/systems if necessary

Collection of data

No personal data is collected, only anonymous data are collected from app to see how many and how the app are used.
we do also collect information about app crashe, to help us enhance the performance and functionality of the apps


Check the goodspeed homepage for more specific privacy policy

BS Bingo

BS bingo, collects data if you register, as you have to if you want to submit new BS words to the public database.


In general is the backend hosted by Microsoft, on the Azure platform, servers based in North EU, using the standard Data handler agreement with Microsoft Azure

3RD party

No personal data is given to 3rd party, except for the data handling agreement.