from Idea to App

How can we get fast from Idea to App, is there a secret?

We have a well proven concept, enabling us to create a mobile app and an back-end with database and push notifications, within 2-4 weeks.

You just come with your idea, then we can help you with the rest.

the work place

What’s in the box

  • We help and support you, to refine your idea, making it the best version of your app
  • Solution Architecture, based on well proven technology
  • Implementing with high security, in your app and on the back-end
  • Low running cost, on cloud based solution, or your own server site
  • Scalable back-end, able to handle even the largest success
just some building

How do we get going?

We start up with a cupel of workshops, working with the idea, then we define an MVP, minimal viable product, that quickly can be in production, and then.... We developer the app and back-end

a nice loft


We have used this technology for many apps, from small apps up to 10,000 users, and large app with millions of users. Worked on projects for various companies, including Danish National Broadcasting (DR), Nets, TDC and Danish Standard, with personal experience from IBM, Microsoft and Apple


Here you can find a bit more comprensive list of services we provide

Freelance Consulting

With many years in IT, staying updated on leading edge of technology.
holding positions as IT/Enterprise Architect, Project Manager, scrum master and general IT consultant, at Maersk, Novo Nordisk, Danfoss and DONG Energy, IBM, Microsoft and Apple.

Consultant & Architect

Consultant, IT Architect, System Designer, Project Manager, Scrum master, Project Owner, with a wide background both technically and commercially. 


Well, mobility is a word/concept that has changed the last decade, from being something todo with movem to the concept of having the mobile flexiblilty, without loosing you connection

we have specialized us in the whole stack of mobility in the new sence, beeing present in the Apple App store since 2010, where it all started.

Scrum master & Product Owner

If you need a scrum-master on you team, we have extented Scum experience

Or if you are challanged on the most important role in the project, the product owner we can support or handle that role

And we are certified

IT Architect, Business Consult

If you need to have your IT Archticture renovated or renewed, we can also help you with your Business IT strategy, we have experience from multible areas from aviation, over medical to utility companies

Complete app solution

And if you just have this idear, we can take the whole project and make it a final product.

Handling the idear development, IT architecture, backend and frontend development, to the final shipment.

The price of an app

The prices are only indications, and can only be used as souch, this is not commitment from our side.

It is of course impossible to have a fixed pricelist on a development project,
however based on our experience, we can give some indications of the price on a project based on the major components

Simple app

The simple app, have 2-4 screens, the app shows information directly on the screen.
The information is fetched from a API or a web server, there can a ticker like location or iBeacons, check out our DS Visit app, as a sample.

  • iOS App
  • Vapor or dontnet Core Backend
  • authentication

Interactive App

The interactive app, makes the content more individual, using some kind of identification of the user.
The app will have some offline functionality, the content can be pushed to the individual users.

  • iOS App
  • Vapor or dontnet Core Backend
  • authentication
  • Off-line capability

Complex App

The complex app can do just about anything, use imagination and innovation to develop your idea, then we can find an estimated price for you.

  • iOS App
  • Vapor or dontnet Core Backend
  • authentication
  • Off-line capability
  • Using Phone capabilities
  • well.. just about all you can think off